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Dare to Dream Bridal Showcase Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Prép would like to take the time to thank Arezoo A. of Something Borrowed Event Management and Design for inviting Prép along to the beautiful bridal showcase! The expo consisted many beautiful local artists and their arts as well as local business owners whose businesses were wedding-based. Prép would also like to congratulate those who […]

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Eyelash Extensions at Prép Beauty Parlour

Before Your First Lash Appointment II | Prép Beauty Parlour

So you’ve seen our last post here and you think you know everything there is to know about lash extensions..right? Nope! There’s more! And don’t you worry, we’ll be walking you through that today! Today we’ll be going over the different types of lash curls and lengths, as well as styles and which shape would […]

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Before Your First Set of Eyelash Extensions | Prép Beauty Parlour

As the trend for eyelash extensions continue to soar high, with women of all styles becoming addicted to the, we often get tons of questions on the types and styles of lash extensions! Today we’ll be taking you on a journey step by step to ensure you learn everything there is to learn about eyelash […]

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