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Best Russian Volume 3D Lashes Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Russian Volume Lash Extensions Vancouver | Prép Beauty Parlour

Eyelash extensions have been all the rave all year, and is definitely on our Summer #MUST-HAVE list! They’re amazing for the hot weather, where you can enjoy the nice summer breeze on the beaches of Kitsilano, and go swimming all you want at English Bay! (Click here to read more about showing some summer lash love!). For […]

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Best Eyelash Extensions Vancouver| Prép Beauty Parlour

Lash Extensions Summer Care | Prép Beauty Parlour

Summer is FINALLY on it’s way! (Or so our calendar says… Vancouver weather says otherwise..), so what does this mean? It means beaches, deep forest adventures, late night bonfires, and morning jogs at the seawall of course! With all of these activities, plus our vitamin-D giving friend Mr. Sun, wearing strip lashes the entire day […]

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Eyelash Extensions at Prép Beauty Parlour

Before Your First Lash Appointment II | Prép Beauty Parlour

So you’ve seen our last post here and you think you know everything there is to know about lash extensions..right? Nope! There’s more! And don’t you worry, we’ll be walking you through that today! Today we’ll be going over the different types of lash curls and lengths, as well as styles and which shape would […]

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