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If it’s long lashes you’re after, eyelash extensions are the way to go! At Prép Beauty Parlour, we have only the most experienced and skilled eyelash specialists working with us who dedicate their time to be the best in Vancouver.


Prép BEFORE your appointment:

  • limit your caffeine/sugar to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience
  • arrive to your appointment a few minutes early to fill out a client card
  • arrive with no eye makeup/mascara (or arrive 10 minutes earlier to remove)


Prép AFTER your appointment:

  • do not get your Prép eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours
  • no tugging or pulling at your eyelash extensions as this puts your natural lashes at risk of coming out prematurely
  • use of oil based eye products are not recommended around your eyelash extensions as the glue breaks down with oil
  • eyelash curlers are not necessary as your eyelash extensions are already curled
  • brush your lashes regularly to ensure your lashes stay flawless for longer
  • use a proper sleep mask if you are a “stomach sleeper” (we carry the “40 blinks sleep mask” which allows you to blink freely while wearing it, so it will not damage your new lashes)
  • use an eyelash extension sealer to prolong your lashes and eyelash extension safe mascara (if you must use one) both available at Prép Beauty Parlour



• Eyelash Extension Manager•


• Eyelash Extension Master •


• Eyelash Extension Master •

• Eyelash Extension Master •


• Eyelash Extension Master •

• Eyelash Extension Master •


Lash Menu

CLASSIC full set eyelash extensions (one faux mink lash per natural eyelash) – $90

CLASSIC fill (at least 50% left) – $65+

ROYAL full set eyelash extensions (also known as ellipse lashes, flat lashes, groove lashes) – $120

ROYAL fill (at least 50% left) – $80

RUSSIAN/3D VOLUME full set (3 lashes per natural lash) – $195

RUSSIAN/3D VOLUME fill – $95+

MIXED RUSSIAN/3D VOLUME full set – $160

MIXED RUSSIAN/3D VOLUME fill (at least 50% of extensions left) – $85+

eyelash extension removals (from another salon) $15

eyelash extension removals (from Prép) – free

LASH LIFT (perm your natural lashes so they are perfectly curled!) – $75 *SPECIAL*

LASH LIFT & TINT (curl AND darken your natural lashes) – $90 *SPECIAL*

* please note, we may have to remove old eyelash extensions from another salon if they are not up to our lashing standards for a “fill”, and start fresh with a full set. Removal charges will apply.*

  • ALL sales FINAL, no refunds or exchange on any Prép services OR products


If eyelash extensions aren’t for you, or if you want a “break”, we carry the following products that are perfect for you

  • EyEnvy eyelash conditioner which helps your natural eyelashes grow in 1-2 months. One bottle of EyEnvy will last anywhere between 3-6 months.
  •  Younique 3D fibre mascara triples your natural lash length and can be washed off easily at the end of each day.


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